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This is the photo book "Wanderlust" (2024) by photographer Saki Omi.

This is a personal collection of photographs taken by Saki Omi, a photographer who is usually active in the fashion industry, during her visits to cities around the world for over 10 years. Wanderlust means the desire to travel . She captures the cityscapes of many cities, including Frankfurt, Chicago, New York, Korea, Japan, Tbilisi, Paris, and Sydney, from an artistic, beautiful, melancholic, and timeless perspective.

Size : W230 x H280 x D17mm / Cloth bound book, 128 pages

The title, Wanderlust, is said to have its origins in the German words Wandern (to hike, to wander) and Lust (fun, enthusiasm). And Goethe, the great German writer, is said to have muttered to a friend, "One does not travel in order to arrive, one travels in order to travel" (see Tokyo Goethe Memorial Museum website). When the word Wanderlust is combined with the landscape photographs, backed by a certain sense of style, this is a book that will make you wonder where your suitcase is (Ammel).

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