Name of distributor or representative
ammel (Anmel) Hiroki Marukawa

Address: 600-8864
Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Shimogyo Ward, Shichijo Goshonouchi Minamicho 100-1-701

●Telephone number

It may be difficult to get through on the phone. If your inquiry is urgent, please contact us using the inquiry form on our website.

●Payment period and method Product delivery period If you pay by bank transfer, we will ship the product within one week after confirming the payment.
You can use Japan Post Bank. *Please pay the bank transfer fee.
If you use cash on delivery, please pay when the product arrives.
If you use a credit card or cash on delivery, your item will be shipped within one week.
*We cannot accept cancellations or changes after an order has been placed.

●Required fees other than the product price: shipping fee + fee for each payment method

*Application validity period: Within one week of the order date. *If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please complete the procedure within one week of the order date.
If we are unable to confirm your application within one week, your order will be automatically cancelled.

●Return Policy Returns will only be accepted in the following cases. *We do not offer exchanges. ・When there is a significant discrepancy between the condition described in the product list and the actual condition. ・When the product is delivered incorrectly. ・When the product is defective (images or videos showing the condition must be sent in advance).
Please contact us by email within one week after receiving the product.
We cannot accept requests for returns more than one week after the product arrives.

*Regarding record discs and jackets, warping of the disc, damage to the corners of the jacket, and other damage that does not affect the sound quality or playback may occur due to shipping or storage conditions. Please be aware of this before purchasing. Returns are not accepted.

●Return shipping costs: Please contact us in advance and we will return the item to you cash on delivery.

*We do not accept returns due to customer convenience.
*You can receive your ordered items within 7 days from the date of shipment.