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Visitors +

Visitors +

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"Visitors+" (2023) is a photo book by London-based photographer Piczo.

He photographed mainly new models who had just started modeling almost every week, and has shot over 120 people over the course of more than 10 years. The intimate portraits, taken in the artist's own room or in nearby locations, bring out the natural, unadorned charm of the subjects to the fullest. The changes in his style over the years can also be seen throughout the book, making this a beautiful and unique collection of portraits that allows you to enjoy the lingering impression of the gap between the past and the present.

A5 variant ( W180 × H240 × D27mm ) / Cloth binding 264P

Piczo also photographed the album "STRIDES" by London-based artist Nariaki Obukuro. His photo book "Visitors+" is a great book for learning about London fashion and art, and portrait techniques. (Ammel)

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