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TOO MUCH magazine issue 9

TOO MUCH magazine issue 9

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This is " TOO MUCH Magazine issue 9 " (2022) from TOO MUCH Magazine , a Tokyo-based magazine that focuses on topics related to art, architecture, and cities .

The theme of issue 9 is "Sacred Space."

At the atelier of painter Yokoo Tadanori, which we visited with musician Hasunuma Shuta, we saw two reclining bodies in the same pose but with completely opposite meanings: the Reclining Buddha and Odalys. We also saw Japanese Muslims converting old houses and worn-out factories across the country into mosques, works by Korean artist Choi Jae-Eun and French artist Camille Henrot, and awe-inspiring stories told by women in Tohoku. When we talk about the sacred, we can also sense the profane things that are always reflected like a mirror.

page : 284 pages
Double Kannon cover, soft cover
Size: B5 size

*Japanese translation booklet included

From the editor's opening words, we can see that the theme of this issue was decided based on the Sarin gas attack on the Japanese subway. TOO MUCH issue 9 introduces the sacred and profane things that we tend to keep our distance from in Japan from the perspective of architecture and art (Ammel).

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