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TOO MUCH magazine issue 10

TOO MUCH magazine issue 10

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This is " TOO MUCH Magazine issue 10 " (2023) from TOO MUCH Magazine, a Tokyo-based magazine that focuses on topics related to art, architecture, and cities .

Today, in a world where rapid urbanization is underway and competition between cities is intensifying, every city is employing star architects and competing to achieve ever more innovative urban development.

On the other hand, we live with many challenges, such as earthquakes, climate change, pandemics, and population decline. The frequent large-scale urban development seems somewhat antiquated, and stereotypical glittering high-rise buildings no longer feel comfortable. I no longer feel that way.

The activities of Schemata, which TOO MUCH will be taking up this time, seem fundamentally different from the goals of previous architects. The architecture and commercial spaces they design are all modest, with no clear end goal, and they leave it up to the users to decide how to use them rather than controlling them. Nagasaka, the founder of the group, calls this type of space a "multipersonal space."

TOO MUCH Magazine believes that attractive cities are not created by big capital, government, or the eccentric ideas of one person, but are formed by a collection of rich urban experiences by individuals. We believe that Schema's activities, which advocate "multipersonal spaces," provide an example of what architects should be like in the future.

This issue is the second in TOO MUCH's "WORK" series, which focuses on ways of working. We spent a year following Schemata closely, interacting with their architecture both in Japan and abroad to explore how they work within existing spaces and how their work influences us.

page : 292 pages Double Kannon cover Soft cover
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