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A collection of works by Japanese photographer Takashi Homma. This book is a sequel and reinterpretation of his signature work, Tokyo Suburbia (Korinsha, 1998). For over six years, the photographer photographed the ever-changing cityscape and the never-changing streetscape as Tokyo prepares for the 2020 Olympics. This book contains images that capture the sheer scale of the megalopolis that is Tokyo: the transformation of the old National Stadium into the new one, Tsukiji Market before it is relocated to Toyosu Market, and the ever-changing buildings and vast vacant lots along the Tokyo Bay coast.

The author is one of the most internationally known Japanese photographers and continues to be active at the forefront of the contemporary photography world. His photographs, which capture the subject with an unparalleled calm gaze free from any sentimentality, a unique sense of distance and color, have been praised not only in the photography world but also in the field of contemporary art. The author began his career in the advertising and fashion industry in the late 1980s, and moved to London in the early 1990s, where he was entrusted with work on the legendary culture magazine iD and other publications, where he got to know photographers who create unique works using various techniques. After returning to Japan, as one of the leading photographers of the 1990s, he built on his work for magazines and published a series of photographs capturing the landscapes and people of the Tokyo suburbs , titled Tokyo Suburbia , which won him the Kimura Ihei Photography Award in 1999. Since then, he has continued to present his innovative works both at home and abroad, and continues to fascinate photographers of succeeding generations.

Includes text by Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa (Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates / SANAA).

Board Book
100 pages
215 x 288 mm

Anyone who was in Japan around 2020 must have witnessed a feverish mix of light and shadow. This photo book captures the city of Tokyo, which continues to change despite all these various thoughts swirling around. Published by Swiss publisher NIEVES, it is impressive for its size similar to a town directory, its pages like a board, and its binding, which reduces the impact of the gutter and allows you to enjoy the photos across the entire spread. (Ammel)

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