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SPECTATOR vol.51 The Secret of Self-Improvement

SPECTATOR vol.51 The Secret of Self-Improvement

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This is "Secrets of Self-Improvement" (2023) by Editorial Department .

Read this and it will change your life."

Self-help media tempts and confuses people with such sweet words.

It's annoying because even if you think it has nothing to do with you, it reaches you through social media and apps, and you end up "improving yourself" without even realizing it.

The culture of self-development is deeply ingrained in society. Self-help, culture, self-affirmation, positive thinking... When and how did these discourses that encourage growth and improvement take root? Tracing back to their roots, we find that the seeds were sown as early as the Meiji period.

As we enter an era of low economic growth and a society that demands even greater effort and improvement, here are the secrets of self-development that you should know now to avoid getting lost.

Format: B5 variant Number of pages: 176


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