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PREPARATION F19 by 1017-ALYX-9SM & Esther Theaker

PREPARATION F19 by 1017-ALYX-9SM & Esther Theaker

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"PREPARATION F19 by 1017-ALYX-9SM & Esther Theaker" (2019) from In Other Words.

This is the second installment in a seasonal series that explores the various events surrounding the "preparation" leading up to the ALYX show held in Paris.

This film focuses on the process of creating the "ikebana" (flower arrangements) that Haruka Hirata, the artist and owner of the import record store "Big Love," created for a show in Paris. Photographed by London-based photographer Esther Theaker and art directed by design unit OK-RM, the film resulted in an intimate collaboration.

160 pages
110 x 178 mm
Color, black and white

At Paris Fashion Week, information accompanying fashion, such as "who" is attending, is often a hot topic, but this series focuses on the "preparation" and is compiled into a single book by theme, such as music or flower arranging, allowing readers to get a glimpse behind the scenes, making it an interesting collection of photos and art books in its own right. Among these, we have picked one book in which the colors of the flowers and clothes pop out vividly into the black and white photographs. (Ammel)

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