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NOICE magazine

NOICE Nᵒ.001

NOICE Nᵒ.001

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This is a photo book titled "NOICE Nᵒ.001" (2022) from NOICE magazine, a photography publication and community by photographer Colin Czerwinski, who also accompanied the New Jersey three-piece instrumental rock band "Vasudeva" on tour .

NOICE magazine aims to "broaden individual perspectives through the art of photography, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world." To describe their photographs, they created a new genre of photography called "minimal comic play." This means that through ordinary and everyday objects, the contrast of colors, textures, and elements creates a sense of humor in a natural state.

NOICE Nᵒ.001 (2022) is a photo book that brings together works by 43 people from all over the world that were gathered through this community.

157 pages, 10.5 x 9.75 in

Most of the photographs depicted are part of the everyday life of the photographer, something they would see every day. However, for us who live in a foreign land, they are certainly out of the ordinary, and although they should be an extremely natural state, they produce a strangely humorous feeling. This is a book that makes us realize that even now, as we go about our daily lives, there is a humorous state for someone. (Ammel)

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