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Second Thoughts Records

Music for Turntables, Guitars & Sampled Instruments

Music for Turntables, Guitars & Sampled Instruments

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This is "Music For Turntable, Guitars & Sampled Instruments" (2020) by Slow Attack Ensemble, the solo project of Canadian ambient composer Chuck Blazevic.

The pulsating minimalism reminiscent of Steve Reich unfolds more dramatically, with a bass sound that smoothly intertwines with the mysterious synth sounds. This minimal ambient album is so comfortable you could listen to it for a long time. The jacket colours for the first and second pressings are different, but the one we were able to acquire this time was the yellow/maya blue second pressing. The description on the LP's publisher, Second Thought Records, includes the words "Japanese style Obi." The fact that this album is wrapped in a jacket obi, which is considered a uniquely Japanese culture, somehow makes you feel the connection between minimal ambient and Japan (Ammel).

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