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loosejoints JOURNAL

Loosejoints journal

Loosejoints journal

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"Loosejoints journal" (2024) from the creative platform loosejoints. 

<loosejoints> is a creative platform that was born in an era when culture magazines around the world were still going strong, and which maintains analogue editing methods at its heart.

Following “GUGGENHEIM,” which was launched before COVID-19, and “almanacs,” which reported on a time when the world was divided along various lines, the magazine has relaunched as “loosejoints JOURNAL,” with the aim of recording in a gonzo journalistic style the formation of a new culture that is emerging across borders and generations.

The theme of the first issue is "Back to Life." Now that we are regaining the physicality that was lost during this season of separation that seemed to go on forever, I thought it would be a good time to think again about "living." By reporting on the lives of artists who have shaped the lifestyles of the times, this book invites us to think together about the unique way of "life" that is unique to <loosejoints>, where we feel the warmth of our loved ones and are loosely connected.

Pages: 128p
Format: W110mm x H180mm

This magazine looks at the things that make up "living/life" from the perspective of artists who have been a driving force in culture, from the perspective of objects, books, music, art... Its size makes it easy to hold, so you'll want to keep it in your pocket or within reach in your living space. Also, be sure to listen to Loosejoints RADIO , a mix playlist by Okino Shuya (KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE/KYOTO JAZZ SEXET), XTAL, and many other DJs, which is available on the Loosejoints official website (Ammel).

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