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This is the 6th issue of LOCKET, an independent travel magazine published by EDIT BY BODY.

This issue is a special feature on skiing for travelers.

Even though blank spaces have disappeared from the world map and it is said that "unexplored regions are no longer there," there are still silvery white areas. If you look closely at the silvery white world, you will find universal skiing in unknown countries, and the unknown spreads in familiar countries. Ski in Iran and Turkey, trace history back in Norway and Korea, and search for ruins in Taiwan. We received cooperation from a number of impressive people, including Hiroki Kusu, Naoki Ishikawa, Mike Abelson, Rintaro Kanemoto, and Yasutomo Kubo. This issue's offset printing is a beautiful "heart print" by Fujiwara Printing in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. In addition, some pages were lithographed by the author himself at Ishibiki Public in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. This honest yet alternative independent magazine asks for a new perspective.

 160 pages, B5 variant (h237 x w182mm)

The theme of this issue is "skiing." It may be a word, but even in the same country, the impression of this word varies greatly depending on the generation and region, and whether it is familiar or a little distant. The image of "skiing" changes depending on one's position, but the 6th issue of "LOCKET" has been written so that it can be read by people of all positions (Ammel).

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