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This is "LIKE THE WIND JP #01" (2023) by LIKE THE WIND magazine.

In Like the Wind Japanese Edition #01 , we summarize what running means now in a world that has undergone a pandemic, and the specific changes it has brought to many people.

Through interviews, we hear the voices of runners, whether they are into trail running, road running, or track running.

Reports and editorials on topics including the joy of running, mental health, history, race, cities and inequality, charity and community.

Essays and columns about runners from all over the world, past and present.

Runners, journalists and writers from around the country express their own style and what the world of running is like.

Is the "NEW RUNNING" depicted there something we already knew, or is it something we've never seen before?

The Japanese edition is based on the running magazine "Like the Wind Magazine," which was launched in London, England in 2014. Editor Simon Freeman and co-founder Julie Freeman wrote the following in the first issue of the English edition: "Every runner has a story. Stories are an important element in shaping the sport of running. And stories are an important element in shaping life." The book covers the theme of running from various perspectives, making it a recommended read for runners, of course, but also for people of all ages and genders (Ammel).

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