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"Lena" (2020) is the debut album by Laurine Frost, who lives in Budapest, Hungary.

The album is a chaotic, contemporary musical reinterpretation of the 1877 short story "The Dream of a Ridiculous Man" by Russian literary giant Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Below is an excerpt from Laurine Frost's comment:

"By replacing the man in the novel with my father, and the little girl character with my imaginary daughter, I wanted to explain myself and show the contrast between my relationship with my father, how I saw him as a hero as a child, and how he lost his faith and dignity in later life. The girl in my dreams called 'Lena' (who is also my daughter in this concept) is my gift to his memory. Inspired by my father's personality during the creation of this album, I am unaware that he died in 2015, by suicide."

Laurine Frost, who contributed to the development of Romanian minimalism under the name COLD FISH, seems to be exploring new musical styles by projecting her own experiences based on literature into her music. Although all 13 tracks seem anxious and disjointed, this is an album that conveys her sincerity and determination. (Ammel)

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