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Kuro (OST)

Kuro (OST)

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This is "Kuro (OST)" (2019) by musician and film director Tsujiko Noriko.

The soundtrack for Kuro (2017), co-directed with George Koyama. The story revolves around Romi, a Japanese woman who lives near Paris and works in a karaoke bar while taking care of her paralyzed boyfriend. The music, which in the film is heard primarily alongside the narrating voice of Tsujiko Noriko (who also stars as Romi), is here presented and orchestrated as a standalone piece.

Explore the soundtracks of film, art, performance, installation work, theatre, dance, fashion and more This is one of the ENTOPIA series from the label PAN. I think there are many people who listen to movie soundtracks as music albums (if you can relate to this, you're one of us), but this is one of those that blends in with the space as an ambient piece (Ammel).

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