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"ISLAND" (2023) is a photo book by Swedish photographer Julia Hetta.

This cinematic project, shot against the backdrop of the landscape of the Swedish island of Fåre, was made possible through close collaboration with Julia's close friend of 40 years, the multidisciplinary artist Åsa Stenerberg. This book, which is filled with her unique and one-of-a-kind aesthetic, will move you unconditionally and invite you into a different dimension. The works, enveloped in pitch black and with a deep sense of tension, are also reminiscent of the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which is fragile, ephemeral, strong, and repeats like a repeating wave.

Format: A4 variant (W230 x H280 x D16mm) / cloth bound, 104 pages

Julia Hetta, who started drawing in her childhood and was influenced by Dutch paintings, has an image of freely moving between photography and painting. UNION magazine carefully works to further enhance the appeal of her work as a photo book and art book (Ammel).

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