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"COLLECTIVE STUDY, ENQUIRY #5 by Goldwin 0" (2024) by In Other Words.

*Although this item is new, the shrink wrap it came in has been removed, so please understand this when purchasing.

This is a collection of works produced and published in parallel with the announcement of the experimental project "Goldwin 0" by Japanese sports apparel manufacturer "Goldwin". It is a continuing series led by the UK-based design unit " OK-RM ", and this book is the culmination of the works related to "Enquiry #5", the fifth installment of "Goldwin 0".

An ecosystem of project participants, including editor, poet and professor of poetry and creative writing Lila Matsumoto, visual artist and designer Karl Nawrot, and Goldwin 0’s new Design Director Nur Abbas from #5, have come together to formalize a new structure for collaboration. Within this structure, no art form exercises authority over the others, but each discipline and practice coexists within the residency space. It is a space for experimentation, an opportunity to develop prototypes and explore new forms of practice.

The poems act as scaffolding to carry the flow of images and to guide the reader to a more detailed analysis (or study) of the components presented in the book. A sequence of 384 color images and an essay summarizing the core concepts of Collective Study make this a good introduction to a new form of collective practice. The essay, included in both English and Japanese on the cover of the book, is illustrated with multiple perspectives derived from the residency process.

This book is nothing less than a utopian project; by participating in a collective practice, we create proposals for what it should be and how we should live.

416 pages
110 x 178 mm
Limited edition of 500 copies

This work is related to OK-RM. Fragmented images and words continue while maintaining continuity. It is a book that gives you a sense of meditation as you turn the pages. (Ammel)

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