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Mystic Mansion

Mystic Mansion

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This is the first collection of works by Japanese painter Kimio Muraoka, "Mystic Mansion" (2022).

The cover features a four-panel folding screen titled Pure Night: Birds' Dream (2021, part), painted in Pompeii red.
This collection includes 116 works from solo exhibitions held between 2006 and 2020. Using a wide variety of expressive forms and materials, including folding screens, hanging scrolls, panel paintings, masks, and animal statues, the artist pursues deep spirituality and abstract expanse.
In this book, close-up images are used throughout in order to express the unique texture and detailed depictions of Muraoka's work through printing. The reader can experience the experience of looking at the entire image and then slowly moving in from there. The paper and format vary depending on the series to correspond with the texture and size of the work. The gatefold and book-in-book pages are reminiscent of Muraoka's creativity, and the entire volume has a three-dimensional feel as a work of art.
Filled with density and transformation of images, "House of Mysteries" illuminates existence from a universal perspective and can be said to be the definitive culmination of Kimio Muraoka's work.

Size: H285mm x W210mm
Page: 236 pages
Binding: Hardcover

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Japanese paintings are often thought of as old-fashioned and modest, and difficult for even modern Japanese people to understand, but Kimio Muraoka's Japanese paintings have the qualities of Western paintings that use icons and figures as motifs, so they are mysteriously familiar and mysterious. The paper and layout change depending on the series of works, making them a little different from a regular collection of works. (Ammel)

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