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The Complete Works of Shigeo Gocho

The Complete Works of Shigeo Gocho

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This is "The Complete Works of Gocho Shigeo: Works Edition" (2022) by photographer Gocho Shigeo.

*Although this item is new, the shrink wrap it came in has been removed, so please understand this when purchasing.

In recent years, there has been a growing momentum both at home and abroad to reconsider the history of Japanese photography, particularly since the 1960s . Gocho Shigeo is regarded as one of the most important photographers in this field, and books providing an overview of his work are currently difficult to obtain, which led to the planning of this complete collection.

The "Works" section includes all the works from the four collections of his work published during his lifetime, "Days," " Self and Others, " "When I Open the Door," and "In a Familiar Town," as well as two series of works that were published or compiled during his lifetime, "Memories of Water" and "Childhood's 'Time. " >All points are included.

Photographer Shigeo Gocho passed away at the age of 36. When you look at his photographs, you feel as if they are looking back at you. This collection of photographs includes personal information about Gocho as reference material, and knowing this makes it a photobook that will make you think even more. (Ammel)

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