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Migratory birds

Migratory birds

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This is "Migratory Bird" (2020) by Kaho Iwatani, designer of the tattoo sticker brand opnner.

This book is only available in leap years. It contains 8 pages of text on the theme of the invisible and the visible, and the other 358 pages are blank.

Size: Paperback size, Pages: 366

"Wataridori" was published by Kyoto publisher Sasenaku. The line drawings of migratory birds floating on the front and inside covers are apparently drawn by Iwatani Kaho herself. It is only sold in leap years, and has 366 pages, just enough for a leap year. You can use the blank pages as a diary, draw sketches, or just enjoy the feel of the blank pages. It's a book that lets you experience the existence of a book in various ways, and I think it would make a great gift. (Ammel)

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