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Quirks of Japanese Religion

Quirks of Japanese Religion

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This is "Habits of Japanese Religion" (2023) by Uchida Ikki and Shaku Tetsushu.

Separation of church and state, former Unification Church, second generation cult solve these problems.
Residing in a line, a sunset, a grave, etc.
Learn about Japan's unique quirks.

A conversation between two masters that will raise your "religious sense"

Quirks of Japanese Religion
・Jodo Shinshu is when urban Buddhism "connected" with the spirit of the earth!?
・Rather than focusing on inner self, place great importance on "practice"
・Faith in Prince Shotoku continues to change in various forms
Ariwara no Narihira and Shitennoji Temple as syncretic models
・What is Shinto that can exist even if it is separated from the country? …etc

The book is centered around religion and is filled with keywords from Japanese culture and society, both ancient and modern. It is based on a dialogue, so it is very easy to read even for those who are not good at this kind of talk. It is a book that I would like you to read. It is also a book that has put our store's concept under control. (Ammel)

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