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Ancient Style III

Ancient Style III

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"Kofū III" (2023) is the final part of the "Kofū" trilogy, following Meitei's "Kofū" (2020) and "Kofū II" (2021).

The album contains nine songs in total, including "Reimei" and "Hiroshima," which explore Meitei's complex relationship and feelings with his hometown Hiroshima, as well as the ever-changing face of Japan, and "Peace," which encapsulates Meitei's deep thoughts on peace education in Hiroshima and the importance of recognizing historical tragedies. Other songs on the album include "Edogawa Ranpo," "Shisei," and "Ten Nights of Dreams," which are influenced by Japanese literary works by Edogawa Ranpo, Tanizaki Junichiro, and Natsume Soseki.

Meitei creates monthly updated playlists on Spotify and other platforms. As with this work, he puts the influence of Japanese literature and his imagination into music, and you can share what kind of music he is listening to and absorbing in real time (Ammel).

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