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We consider a new era of architecture that can be grasped with certainty between artwork (dreams) and life (reality).

Schemata Architects created a sensation in the architectural world with their renovation of their early masterpiece "Sayama Flat" based on the idea of ​​subtraction and misuse. This long-awaited book is a collection of their unique designs based on the keyword "semi-architecture", which are inspired by everyday realizations and new discoveries made from existing things, from furniture to architecture and cities, based on a 1/1 scale.

It is not a formal architecture that leaves no room for reality, but a generous architecture that accepts relationships of insertion and removal. And yet, the high-resolution treatment of each material and detail creates a space in which all elements coexist vividly. Nagasaka Jo has been committed to this aesthetic in his work on renovations and new constructions, homes and stores, and he presents new architectural possibilities by considering various "semi" states in architecture.

Representative works of Schemata Architects: Sayama Flat / HANARE / Flat Table / Blue Bottle Coffee / Kuwahara Shoten / DESCENTE BLANC / HAY / Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Signage fixtures and furniture / Musashino Art University Building 16 / D&DEPARTMENT JEJU by ARARIO, etc.

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