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A chance walk

A chance walk

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This is "A Chance Walk" (2022) by independent researcher Morita Mao.

Reflection, mathematics, time with my kids, the present moment...
I want to grasp the eternity that is so close to me in these random days.
These words, written with those feelings in mind, overflowed like poetry.

The walks were sometimes real walks with my children, and sometimes contemplative walks with my predecessors and elders that transcended time and space. I wrote about these chance walks that would never come again, as if to engrave them in my heart.
(From the preface)

Contains all 25 issues of Nikkei Shimbun's "Promenade" and more.
This collection of essays captures the great change the author has experienced in the three and a half years since publishing "The Gift of Mathematics."

A collection of essays that traverses unknown worlds through a walk and one's child, from "the first person in the world to experience jet lag" to "walking robots" and "African proverbs." I was attracted by the title, and there was a shadow of Shuzo Kuki in it. A question of chance. This is a book that I would like to read for those who are similarly attracted to it. (Ammel)

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