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Thoughts in Kyoto

Thoughts in Kyoto

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This is "Thoughts in Kyoto" (2017) by Yoshida Atsuhiro.

There are always two answers. This is what Atsuhisa Yoshida thought while walking through the city of Kyoto: "Is that really true?"

I have written several books about the thoughts I had while in this city. However, most of those books were novels, so I don't know which parts of the stories were thoughts I had while in Kyoto. This book that I have just begun to write is not a novel, but a book in which I have written down the thoughts I had while in Kyoto as they were. --From the text

This is a collection of essays written in a flowing style by Yoshida Atsuhiro, who considers the now demolished Sanjo branch of Inoda Coffee to be King Arthur's Round Table, and other things he thinks about in the scenery of Kyoto, which is already becoming a thing of the past. The novelist's words give a neat shape to the things we think about casually on a daily basis. (Ammel)

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