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Critical Words Popular Music

Critical Words Popular Music

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This is the first introductory book in Japan to explain basic knowledge about "popular music" research, which has been establishing itself as an academic research field in recent years, while introducing the latest trends in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners.

This book is divided into three parts. Part 1, "Basics," takes up eight concepts that form the foundation of popular music research and provides an overview of popular music through each keyword.

Part 2, "Case Studies," sheds light on topics that are relatively well-established in pop music studies. Each topic provides an overview of the respective academic debates, and suggests further academic questions that cross and connect with pop music studies as a whole and with other fields, pioneering new academic fields.

Part 3, "Expanded Edition," presents keywords that are essential to discussing recent music culture across disciplines, and collects essays that will provide a breath of fresh air by taking a step outside of conventional research that has dealt with pop music itself and its context.

It also includes many important topics and points of discussion that have not previously been available in Japanese, making it a useful guide not only for researchers and students, but also for anyone who wants to analyze or talk about music.

"An academic book on music" may sound like a serious book, but it is actually a very easy read because it is a book (introductory book) that allows you to read the connections between music and familiar topics through keywords. It is a recommended book that allows you to discover unexpected connections between music and social phenomena and issues that are currently being discussed. (Ammel)

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