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To those who are incompetent

To those who are incompetent

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This is "Toward Incompetence" (2022) by Professor Nasu Kosuke of Kyoto University.

Superfluous things, ugliness, pettiness, unfounded optimism... While immersed in the academic world of legal philosophy, a man who continued to seek the possibilities that reside in the "margins" left these 15 essays with a quiet passion in the time he had left before his death.

This is a collection of essays by the author, who sadly passed away last summer (2021), that compiled contributions to the Kyoto Shimbun newspaper over a period of approximately two years.

"When people ask me what I'm doing, I can only say I'm playing."
"The selfless dedication to the unnecessary gives our lives a necessary texture and feel." - Excerpt from the text

"I want to always have another small ruler at hand" - the words of the main text, also written on the obi. People try to measure things with their own ruler, but if you are obsessed with only one ruler, it becomes difficult to live. The essays of the legal philosopher, who continued to write until just before his death, are reminiscent of that professor (Ammel).

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