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There's nothing left to do

There's nothing left to do

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"Nothing to Do" (2021) is a collection of short stories by author Monohomy.

The first volume in the Nagayu Bunko series is a collection of 33 short stories that are warm, slightly strange, and elusive. The books are printed on water-repellent paper so they can be read in the bath, making them a delight for bath lovers and story lovers alike.

*Please note that although it is water-repellent, it will still become soggy if you soak it in a bathtub.

Size: Paperback size, Pages: 160

Waterproof smartphones are becoming more and more commonplace, and some people may spend a long time in the bath watching movies or surfing the web. Publisher Sarkenaku has launched the Nagayu Bunko series, focusing on the bathroom, where books, a paper medium, are difficult to penetrate. Not only is the concept great, but the short stories included are also well-read (Ammel).

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