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Anarchism in everyday life

Anarchism in everyday life

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This is "Anarchism in Everyday Life" (2021) by cultural anthropologist Matsumura Keiichiro.

What is the purpose of a nation?
Do we really need it?

A "society without a state" is not despair.
It is filled with hope and possibility.
Explore the questions and techniques that can help you live a better life from an anthropological perspective.

The "Anarchist Theory by Anthropologists" discussed in this book is...
- Find a way to avoid chaos even without a nation
・Question yourself about whether things you think are common sense are really so.
- Think about what is needed to solve problems around us by ourselves

A groundbreaking essay that overturns the perception of anarchism as anarchism!

The "anarchism" considered in this book is not a goal to be achieved. Rather, it is about how to rebuild our lives with our own hands and remake the "public" from the bottom up under this powerless and incompetent state. Linking "life" and "anarchism" is the starting point for acquiring this wisdom. (From the "Introduction")

If you only look at it in terms of anarchism, you might think it's a radical book, but adding elements of anthropology makes it very easy to read. To understand "Aida," you need to know the other side, and this is a recommended book for deepening the discussion of what happens when things that we take for granted disappear (Ammel).

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